Bambi Tour: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Kanab, UT is home to one amazing animal sanctuary, Best Friends. I dragged Logan here once while we were driving to Bryce Canyon. Since then I’ve dreamed of going back, staying in the camper and volunteering. Our Bambi tour just so happened to pass through, so you got it, we stopped.

With 4,000 acres in a painted desert canyon, Best Friends does not disappoint in views. More importantly, they’re running a tight ship and take animals care to the next level. If you’re in SW Utah – go there. I promise it’s worth a stop for a tour or a half day of volunteering. We hung with the senior dogs and helped clean up their areas.


After volunteering, we left camp for a lil hike to explore the canyon and found some pretty epic secret stashes.

Our travel dog Jerry was adopted from a shelter. Getting close to 9 yrs. old, he is still rocking with us in our adventure lifestyle. I could go on and on about how great he is, but if you’ve met him, you know ;). The point is, no matter where you live or what kind of dog appeals to you, go check out your local shelter. Just stop by and see if you’re forever friend is there. Mine was and I couldn’t be more grateful for the joy he brings (when he’s not pissing in the house….but that’s another story).

Bambi Tour: Lake Powell

This is the kind of trip when everything just lines out, so you have to go.

With such a “low-tide” snow season in the southwest we’ve been hitting the road to get the goods. Logan (my boo) usually competes annually in the Freeride World Qualifiers, but with the lack of snow all of the stops near us were canceled. His only chance to compete was to head to Kirkwood, so that’s what we’re doing.

We packed up our 75th Anniversary Airstream Bambi our chihuahua mix, Jerry, and headed out from our home in Durango, CO. First stop —> Lake Powell.